Italian For Beginners

Director: Lone Scherfig

Danish writer-director Lone Sherfig’s charming Dogme 95 romantic comedy-drama tells the story of seven very different individuals brought who meet, fall in love, fight and learn more about themselves and each other in an evening Italian class. True and winning, the film’s real depiction of struggling characters longing to spice up their lives and meet kindred spirits touched audiences worldwide making it a critically acclaimed sleeper hit in the year it was released. The message that education can bring people together and enrich them in areas undiscovered by the class syllabus is one that I personally feel strongly about and I think the film is admirable in its goal. Filled with surprises and coincidences that foreign film buffs treasure, Italian For Beginners is the perfect choice to curl up with on a rainy weekday evening. Who knows? Afterwards, you may find yourselves spontaneously booking a trip to Italy like the characters in the film or at the very least, carefully reading the latest bulletin of adult education classes from your local college.