Ruby Bridges

Director: Euzhan Palcy

In this winning historical film, made for the Wonderful World of Disney, newcomer Chaz Monet portrays bright, caring six-year-old Ruby Bridges who led the integration movement in the 1960’s by attending an all-white elementary school in her native Louisiana. With sensitive, understanding and intelligent portrayals by its cast and a moving script, Euzhan Palcy’s film enlightens viewers of the struggles this young girl had to face on a daily basis from the cruel prejudiced mob of ill-wishers shouting at her from the steps of her new school to the unwelcome reaction of her community, which challenged Bridges’s entire family. Thanks to faith, a loving family, a supportive teacher and an insightful stress therapist, Bridges managed to triumph and educate the nation by bravely continuing to pursue her love of knowledge and help lead the world to look past the color of someone’s skin. An excellent film to show children studying civil rights— everything is depicted with thought provoking simplicity and tenderness that will get families talking. Well worth the rental.