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Although his nephew Matias would much rather be going head-to-head with his thirty-five year old uncle Jara (Horacio Camandule) via Sony PlayStation, ever since his uncle first caught a glimpse of twenty-five year old Julia (Leonor Svarcas), Jara's sole preoccupation has been on discovering more about her from afar.

And despite his advantage in size as the gigantic fellow referenced in the title, Jara is a soft spoken, shy man who seems to barely exist, perhaps insecurely over-compensating for his size and the fact that he doesn't fit in naturally.

So instead of having the courage to confront the object of his affection directly, he's become a gentle giant-- a Hitchcockian voyeur -- who's more afraid of the woman he follows than the karate student, creature feature loving cleaning Julia would be of him.

Yet, we're only speculating about this point since to be even more powerful, she'd need a better sense of her surroundings as Jara even journeys to the same restaurant she goes to on a date with another man and she has no clue.

In America, this would provide the recipe for a Taxi Driver meets One Hour Photo scenario considering his lonely man monotony working the night shift occasionally as a bouncer but primarily as the security guard at a grocery store which is where he first sees her through grainy video footage.

However, in first time Uruguayan filmmaker Adrian Biniez's Berlin Film Festival triple award-winning work, it becomes a heartfelt character study about perception as we become voyeurs right along with Jara.

Additionally, this bright and infectious charmer is universal in its presentation of the off-balance nature and effect that the first inklings of new love can have on an otherwise average individual who then must evaluate how to process what they're feeling.

While obviously, it seems bizarre in our era of stranger danger to find what is essentially a stalker movie this appealing, that's all the more reason that Biniez's movie is such a treasure.

Highly recommended, Gigante defies expectation and has an innocence about it that is both reminiscent of boy meets girl movies of yesteryear as well as entirely refreshing for filmgoers who'd like to see the love story told through a different lens... even one that begins through a security camera.

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