13 Conversations About One Thing

Director: Jill Sprecher

In Jill Sprecher’s brilliantly written, subtle exploration of fate, happiness and morality, her excellent ensemble cast manages to breathe exquisite life into what may have turned into a somber melodrama if handled with less intelligence. Alan Arkin is brilliant in his most commanding performance in years as a deeply unhappy insurance man and his character’s clever lines uttered to Matthew McConaughey as the film begins keep echoing in the viewer’s mind as the movie continues. 13 Conversations About One Thing is one of those great rare gems-- it’s refreshingly honest and Sprecher’s direction is precise and assured-- she acts like a conductor here, arranging the dialogue and performances to accompany the themes and ideas she wants to bring forth with the greatest of ease. After the film you’ll find yourself wanting to plunge into a heartfelt discussion of life, happiness and the pursuit for human connection and friendship.