Director: Tjebo Penning

Fans of Memento writer/director Christopher Nolan will love this award-winning import from the Netherlands, finally hitting American shores thanks to filmmovement.com and as an official selection at the Tribecca Film Festival. Penning’s Morlang is inspired and loosely based on a shocking case involving an elderly Dutch husband named Van Bemmelen who broke a suicide pact and was brought to trial. The film is both mysterious and filled with brilliant twists and turns that will keep viewers guessing. Moving back and forth in time deftly and with some awe-inspiring photographic effects, the story of famous egomaniac artist Julius Morlang unfolds as we find him living in Ireland with his current younger muse. However, soon the couple’s idyllic life is interrupted by vandalism and an intruder as events from the past surrounding the tragic death of his previous wife come to light. Penning expertly transports us back in time, moving the story two years earlier to the Netherlands (while inter-cutting the present in what feels like a natural and circular fashion). The film is one that you will want to discuss endlessly afterwards-- I saw it days ago and am still haunted by the images as Penning paints an assured portrait of jealously, betrayal and conspiracy, making viewers question just how well they know the people they love.