Lost in Translation

Director: Sofia Coppola

Bill Murray’s subtle charm and charisma seduce the audience in Sofia Coppola’s sophomore directorial effort. Murray plays Bob Harris, an American actor in Tokyo suffering from a mid-life crisis, insomnia and a growing attraction to Charlotte, a young, married Yale graduate equally lost in life, played to heartbreaking perfection by Scarlett Johansson. Charlotte’s awkward marriage to a nerdy, cool, but self-involved workaholic photographer (played by Giovanni Ribisi) caused some critics to assume the film was an autobiographical account of Coppola’s relationship with former husband Spike Jonze although she denied it emphatically and stated that the Murray character is the one with whom she most identified. Look for some wonderful scene stealing performances by supporting players and subtle humor that's even richer the second time around. The soundtrack and visuals are moody and hip (see link below) and the film itself unfolds slowly, methodically just like real life. Our two main characters don’t meet cute like in most American romances, nor do they fall into bed together or even talk about their budding attraction— instead they’re fascinated by each other and delighted by their puzzlingly strong connection, relishing time spent as a twosome and audiences will love to be included voyeuristically as they explore their new surroundings and relationship.

Jesus And Mary Chain - Lost In Translation - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack