Director: Deepa Mehta

Writer/director Deepa Mehta adapted Bapsi Sidhwa’s autobiographical novel, “Cracking India” for the second part of her planned trilogy, which began with the controversial hit Fire. Told through the eyes of an eight year-old girl, the religious and civil wars that tore through India and Pakistan in 1947 are illustrated via the girl’s beautiful governess who attracts romantic suitors of all backgrounds. Once the country is divided and the Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus begin turning on each other and the governess chooses her lover, the fate of the country and their lives change forever. Sumptuously photographed and beautifully acted, Deepa Mehta’s film has a few minor flaws but remains an emotionally charged, effective cinematic work, although slightly inferior to Fire. The third and final film of the trilogy, Water, ended up being Mehta's masterpiece.