Anytown, USA

Director: Kristian Fraga

In this engrossing film, the winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, director Kristian Fraga leads viewers into the fray of an extremely heated, fascinating mayoral election in Bogota, New Jersey. Drawn to the project because it illustrates what is happening politically in our country on a much smaller level, Fraga’s digitally photographed film is at once tense, funny and ultimately heartbreaking in its tale of three unique candidates including a loud-mouthed Republican incumbent much hated by a majority of the town, an elderly Democrat brought back into politics from retirement and a young Independent hopeful who recruits Jesse Ventura’s campaign manager to help him conquer the race. We’re most drawn in by the story of the Independent but equally fascinated by all three. It’s especially intriguing that both the Republican and Independent candidates are legally blind—when health issues arise in the story of the Democrat as well, it raises questions and ethics as mud-slinging begins. The film paints an earnest portrait of the way that politics changes people but also calls attention to disability rights and issues and our governing system. The film would be the perfect choice to show to apathetic voters or high school students not sure that their vote counts—in Bogota, not only does it count, but also a whole town hangs in the balance. A wonderful little find from filmmovement.com.