Luxury Car (2006)

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Director: Chao Wang

Explaining why he opted not to retire when he was due two years earlier, country schoolteacher Li Qi Ming states that it’s far too hard to leave behind the children he saw grow up. It’s precisely this reason that brings the formerly banished Li to the city of Wuhan to reunite with Yanhong, the grown daughter he hardly recognizes, currently making ends meet as an escort in a seedy karaoke club. However it takes him awhile to realize that the girl he describes as “pretty as an actress” may be taking that compliment to extremes in pretending that all is well in her dangerous lifestyle.

Instead Li’s attention is primarily focused on tracking down his elusive son whom the family hasn’t heard from for two years in order to fulfill the dying wish of his cancer ridden wife. In doing so, Li enlists the help of an empathetic soon-to-be retired police officer Comrade Wang whose son has also disappeared as the two men search. While bonding over shared experiences, their easygoing conversation and investigation by bicycle is intercut with the fast-paced modern world of luxury cars inhabited by Yanhong as she finds herself in over her head in her relationship with her ex-criminal club owning boss.

When the lives of the four main characters collide during a particularly fateful evening when secrets intersect with lies, the riveting Luxury Car careens full speed to its unforgettable destination, finding Li with the realization that-- even more as a father than a teacher-- he can’t leave behind his children.