Shall We Kiss? (2007)

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Director: Emmanuel Mouret

“Before a kiss can be given, no one knows if it will be big or small,” Emilie warns Gabriel, the stranger with whom she’s sparked after the two share an unexpected evening together while out-of-town on business. As they’re both committed to others, they contemplate the temptation of a goodbye kiss and debate whether or not such an exchange could be of no-consequence. And, in the tradition of Woody Allen—one of the writer/director/star Emmanuel Mouret’s greatest cinematic influences—Emilie offers her opinion by sharing a cautionary tale.

Soon, using Emilie’s narrative for the film’s story-within-a-story structure, we’re introduced to the recently dumped Nicolas (Mouret) and married Judith (Virginie Ledoyen). Two exceptionally close best friends, their relationship moves into uncomfortable territory after underestimating the consequences of their actions, when Judith consents to a merciful roll in the hay with her sex-starved friend, only to discover—much like When Harry Met Sally—once physical intimacy enters the equation, the friendship is over.

However, a lingering question remains-- namely, where to go from there, especially when they realize that their kiss led to much more than simply sex but possibly love. When it comes to l’amour, nobody does romance quite like the French and, like an unexpectedly irresistible kiss, Mouret’s sophisticated film is no exception, sure to strike a chord with fans of Allen and Eric Rohmer.