Site News (6/1/08)

Learning as We Go & Listening to You:

Take Two has been retired and Film Intuition has been given a Summer Makeover. With some of the pages left on the cutting room floor and others given a complete rewrite, we're now filled with classic video clips, hot new trailers and a greater emphasis on the features you enjoy the most.

This being said, we're still the site you know and love. Although we celebrate all cinema has to offer, our passion for foreign, independent, and overlooked filmmaking still shines through and we'll never waste your time with gossip and industry money talk.

And fear not, those prone to summer boredom-- more changes will be debuting soon!

So pull up a chair, e-mail a friend and get swept up in Film Intuition's Reel Rhapsody.

A Few Highlights:

Sydney Pollack Remembered-- 4 Great Clips

Instant Attractions (A Full Page of Trailers)

Jen's P.O.V. (Gender Bias & Film Criticism)

Video Screening Room (Summer Movies)