Kieslowski's Three Colors & More News

In preparation for screening Kieslowski's brilliant Red in my Film Discussion Series this Sunday, I dug through my old film essays from my baccalaureate program to bring you a companion article that chronicles not only Red but the first two films of The Three Colors Trilogy-- Blue and White. Filled with research and critical interpretations, the essay's aim is to enrich your appreciation of the films but it comes with a warning that there are numerous plot spoilers contained throughout so you should read it only after you've seen the trilogy. By posting it today, I thought I'd try to provoke discussion for any early-birds who may be attending this weekend but more than that, to share my series with readers all across the globe.

Click here for the Viewer's Guide to Kieslowski's Three Colors

Also new to the site, I've completely updated my Jen's P.O.V. page. Frequently, I'm asked why I don't have a My Space page or am a member of Facebook or any of the dozens of other social networking sites online. While I'm flattered and would love to add all my readers as "friends," frankly, I don't have enough time to constantly update that many pages and sites.

In order to answer questions I'm often asked, I decided to add a few new features to the page such as a Play List of Songs currently in heavy rotation on my iPod (45, of course, for those of us who remember 45s), what I'm currently reading, a shout out to my favorite basketball player Kevin Garnett, as well as links to some of my non-film related creative writing that's readily available on the web. Click Here to Check it Out

Feel free to explore and if you have any other random questions, let me know via the feedback form.

Anyway, take a look around, enjoy the changes and stay tuned for new features.

- Jen