Site News 3/26/08

Hey Everyone,

More reviews will be appearing later in the week. Hope you've been enjoying the new look of the site-- it's lighter, brighter and a bit more user friendly. I'm learning as I go so thanks for your patience, support and invaluable feedback as the site keeps improving. Over at our homepage this week, we have a Musical Interlude and Salute to Spring (my favorite season). Who doesn't love an excuse to watch videos? We're a film site after all-- head on over to check out two clips guaranteed to make you smile by clicking here.

As always, thanks for your readership and loyalty. Some of the discussion board comments are heating up-- as the first site to bring global readers a Stop-Loss review, Peirce's film is becoming quite the hot topic with hundreds of new readers each day. I appreciate all voices so thanks for your time and input but remember, let's keep it friendly!

In addition, by popular demand, we now have a list of every single film I've shown in my Library Series so far along with video clips and/or trailers from all of the upcoming films. Browse the list by clicking here and be sure to check them out if you don't live in the area or do but tragically have other plans! I'm toying with the idea of trying something new out in the Fall-- going with classics (basically looking for any excuse to play Vertigo) or breaking down films like we're in film school, by selecting a work such as No Country for Old Men and then analyzing it "key-scene by key-scene." Another possible new feature for those of you who are regulars is hopefully teaming up with some local fests and film groups to provide info and maybe more surprises to audience members. Stay tuned for more details and as always, click here to fill out the feedback form (located at the bottom of the page) to hit me up with any requests or ideas and we'll see what we can do. For the attendees, we may be doing a short survey at the next few screenings.

As you've probably noticed in our Links section, I've been including links to some of the sites that link to or quote from Film Intuition. Every once in awhile I'm quoted on a site that updates or changes content frequently so we don't get to send readers on over to their pages to check out their wonderful sites (apologies to Univ. of Essex: Grad Film Program). This week, we have such a case as my City of Men review is quoted on a site that will possibly be changing soon so while it won't be visible on the permanent Links page, check out Binghamton New York's Art Mission Theatre and the Film Intuition excerpt by clicking here. In addition to our own quotable quote links, be sure to browse some of my favorite movie related sites and blogs on the Links page as well.

Thanks and Happy Movie Watching,