Poll Results: The Breakfast Club

If there were an alternate universe filled with the characters from movies, somewhere in it right now, Andrew Clark's dad from The Breakfast Club is smiling.
Fulfilling his dad's mantra of "You've got to win, Andrew. You've got to be number one," in our latest Film Intuition Poll Andrew Clark, or rather the talented actor who played him, Emilio Estevez wrestled his way into first place.

The official results in a minute, but first, a script excerpt from one of Andrew's better scenes which finds him intervening on behalf of Claire (Molly Ringwald):

Andrew: I said, "leave her alone."

Bender: You gonna make me?

Andrew: Yeah.

Bender: You and how many of your friends?

Andrew: Just me. Just you and me. Two hits. Me hitting you. You hitting the floor. Anytime you're ready, pal.
That's right, although successful wrestler Andrew Clark was stuck in Shermer High School's Saturday detention in John Hughes' 1980's smash, the actor playing the film's "athlete" beat out the "princess," "brain," "basket case" and "criminal," with the following poll:
Which cast member of The Breakfast Club is the most deserving of a comeback?
Emilio Estevez (34%)
Molly Ringwald a.k.a. Claire the Princess (28%)
Judd Nelson a.k.a. Bender the Criminal (21%)
Ally Sheedy a.k.a. Allison the Basket Case (12%)
Anthony Michael Hall a.k.a. Brian the Brain (3%)
While undeniably they're all talented, I'd have to agree with Estevez's ranking as he proved with Bobby, his latest excellent film as a writer/director, that in addition to his charms as an actor, he is an equally accomplished filmmaker. It would be wonderful to see Nelson, Sheedy, Ringwald and Hall in something of worth again-- over the years, I've seen them in a few different works but with the exception of Sheedy in High Art, few of their performances have made a lasting impression. Time will tell if a new generation of filmmakers who grew up with the kids from John Hughes' films will create an opportunity to bring the Brat Pack back.
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