Results: The Poll Was Bond, James Bond

We don't need Moneypenny to figure this one out.

Who is your favorite James Bond?

Sean Connery (36%)
Roger Moore (26%)
Pierce Brosnan (21%)
Daniel Craig (14%)
George Lazenby & Timothy Dalton (0%)

While I was pretty sure the results would favor Connery, the original Bond from the first film in the series (Dr. No), I was surprised by just how close the race was for most of the two weeks between Connery and Moore. Moore, who we learned has quite an overseas following in Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation (in one of the film's funniest scenes with Murray doing his best Moore poses) ended up with nearly the same amount of votes as 90's favorite Pierce Brosnan. It was very impressive to see our newest Bond Daniel Craig rank so highly in the hearts of viewers as I felt that Casino Royale was the strongest entry in the series so far, thereby kicking my old favorite Goldfinger out of the top spot. While I enjoyed Moore's films consistently more than those of any of the other actors, Connery's convincing characterization always seemed like the quintessential Bond (despite my aversion to the similarity between some of Bond's beliefs and Connery's regarding women) and, although I didn't think they were horrible, it was still amazing to see that Lazenby and Dalton didn't garner a single vote.

Our next poll takes us back to the Brat Pack 80's where we're asking you to choose which Breakfast Club star is most deserving of a comeback. And, staying true to the oeuvre of John Hughes, we're only going with the students and leaving the adults with a wardrobe like Barry Manilow's out of the survey. Enjoy!