Love, Ludlow

Director: Adrienne Weiss

Heralded as “another Sundance treasure” by film critic Roger Ebert, this modern day Tennessee Williams-esque tale centers around a hardworking temp named Myra (Alicia Garanson) who works around the clock in order to pay the rent for her Queens apartments and keep her sweet but manic-episode prone brother Ludlow (Brian Sexton III) in his beloved Twinkies, finger paints and classic literature. When Reggie (Sex and the City’s David Eigenberg), a shy loner from work becomes attracted to Myra and the two begin to date, it makes her life with Ludlow increasingly complicated by her brother’s jealousy and escalating attempts to sabotage the relationship, fearing that he’s going to lose his only friend and ally in the world—his sister. Adrienne Weiss’s assured, compassionate and sensitive film takes place on the weekend of the anniversary of the death of Myra and Ludlow’s mother, making their plight even more poignant as they find their close-knit ties tested while trying to figure out just how much they are willing to take as well as sacrifice in letting someone new into their fragile hearts. In addition to the film’s success at Sundance, Love, Ludlow also won Best Screenplay from Method Fest and was featured as an Official Selection at the US Film Festival.