Contest/Giveaway: Win National Lampoon's Stoned Age on DVD

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Win National Lampoon's Stoned Age on DVD.

Entries Must Be Received by Midnight EST on 1/31/09.

Winners Will Be Notified Via E-mail on 2/1/09.

Click Here to Enter

YouTube Trailer Link (Under Origial Title: Homo Erectus)

Writer and director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City) also stars in National Lampoon’s Stoned Age along with Ali Larter (Heroes, Varsity Blues) as a sexy lady troglodyte, Gary Busey (Entourage, The Firm, Under Siege), Ron Jeremy (Boondock Saints, The Rules of Attraction), David Carradine (Kung Fu, Kill Bill) and Tom Arnold (Roseanne, The Best Damn Sports Show, True Lies).

A 2007 Slamdance Film Festival favorite,
National Lampoon’s Stoned Age tells the tale of Ishbo (Adam Rifkin), a visionary whose innovations are completely unappreciated by a world full of Neanderthals.

His tribe laughs at his absurd inventions, which include the toothbrush, the ladder and pants, and his forward thinking ideas also utterly fail to impress the girl of his dreams, prehistoric hottie Fardart (Ali Larter).

While he pauses to ponder the ethical implications of simply dragging her away by her hair, his studly but dimwitted brother, Thudnik (Hayes MacArthur) does just that. And if that’s not bad enough, the enemy tribe on the other side of the hill is about to attack. How does a guy who thinks outside the box survive in an era when boxes don’t even exist yet?