Poll Results: Coen Brothers

We have the results for our latest poll that was all about The Coen Brothers (or The Brothers Coen as I like to call them to make 'em sound all Dostoevskyish).

In case you missed it, here was the question: Based on this list of critically acclaimed Coen Brothers movies, which one(s) would you consider to be their best?

And the results are as follows:

Miller's Crossing (34%)
Fargo (29%)
The Big Lebowski (27%)
TIE: No Country for Old Men and Blood Simple (21%)
Raising Arizona (14%)
Barton Fink (13%)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (11%)

Thanks so much for voting-- you guys have the greatest taste!

Cue Albert Finney's "Danny Boy" scene:

As a huge fan of Miller's Crossing, I was thrilled that it ranked as the best film. For the first several days of the poll, The Big Lebowski was leading the pack but then Fargo picked up some momentum and it became a very close race. Although, I'm surprised that Barton Fink came in second with O Brother earning the fewest votes, I agree with most of the rankings but probably would've placed the Texas Two (No Country & Blood Simple) ahead of Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski. On a related note, thanks for making No Country for Old Men one of my most read reviews and I'd like to especially thank UK's Guardian Unlimited for quoting it as well.

In celebration of the Oscar nominations being announced last week, I thought it would be fun to tie into the awards for the next Film Intuition poll. Looking at five-time nominee, the great Kate Winslet, I'm asking you to choose which Winslet performances were the most deserving of awards.

Yes, that's right, although she hasn't walked away with an Oscar yet, audiences have been relishing in her work for more than a decade. For fans of the actress, check out the hilarious BBC HBO series Extras, wherein Kate appears as herself taking the part of a nun in a WWII film to boost her Academy chances but still manages to find the time to step out of character to offer raunchy love advice to one of the extras.

Enjoy the poll!