The Office Party

Director: Chiara Edmands

Available on iTunes, Daily Show associate producer Chiara Edmands set his short film which chronicles the morning after a particularly wild CPA office party in the 1980’s and cast some of the stars of that era, including Ralph Macchio and Tate Donovan as two men who struggle to remember what exactly happened with their missing coworker Don on the previous night. Cute but slight—look for a cameo by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart as the pizza delivery guy and although his role is brief, he helps serve as the stand-in for viewers only given a snapshot of the film's strange behavior and quirky characters as we are just along for the ride without really being given much in the way of plot or reasoning. Entertaining but ultimately easily forgettable—still in this day and age of cult favorites including Office Space and both the American and BBC versions of The Office, The Office Party may be just the mini diversion you need after a day of dull drudgery at work.

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Office Party