Film Intuition Takes You Back to School

Hello Movie Fans,

If you're wondering why there hasn't been as many film reviews uploaded for awhile, that's because I've been working on an exciting new feature, thanks to Amazon.com.

I'm often asked for film recommendations from fans not only looking to uncover some of the best in foreign and independent works along with other genres but also moviegoers who want to create their own DVD libraries or who, like myself, prefer the do-it-yourself film school available by self-direction-- investigating the many wonderful resources now readily available within this Age of Electronic Information. In the simplest terms, I find I love acquiring new knowledge and am a lifelong learner inspired by insightful books, magazines and films. DVD has made film school nearly superfluous thanks to the wide variety of movies now available to American audiences and the many features painstakingly added to the discs... but where should one begin? Working with Amazon's vast and impressive film and media library, I've created numerous "stores" filled with recommendations for whatever "entertainment" mood you're in and this is just the beginning-- explore the clickable links below to uncover some great cinematic treats and I'll be constantly editing and adding as time goes on.

Thanks and Enjoy!


Film Intuition's Stores
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