The World's Fastest Indian

Director: Roger Donaldson

Forget Boynton Beach Club—2006’s most inspiring film about life after sixty stars Anthony Hopkins in the true story of eccentric racer Burt Munro who fixes up his old 1920’s Indian motorcycle, removes the tire tread with a neighbor’s carving knife and journeys from 1960's Invercargill, New Zealand to Utah in order to compete in the Bonneville Salt Flats. Despite obstacles like being diagnosed with a heart condition and forgetting to register for the competition, the lovably odd Munro soldiers on hoping to beat the land speed record. Along the way, he encounters new friends in America from all walks of life and while each character makes their way into our hearts in their brief scenes, it’s Burt’s story all the way. Hopkins gives his most mischievous portrayal in years, embracing the character’s flaws with open arms, relishing scenes that reveal even the most minor characterization such as Burt’s preference to set fire to his grass to avoid mowing it and urinating on his lemon trees in order to assist in their fertilization. Despite Munro’s strange ways, the film is downright huggable, unique, and cool as hell—I have no idea why it didn’t do better in theaters as the message of an unlikely underdog doing whatever they can to achieve their dreams is inspiring to viewers of any age.