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A mystery about the strength of the human spirit and the real, tangible, vital reasons why the Hague serves such an important purpose in our international relationships, Film Movement's latest DVD catalog release Storm was the recipient of the Amnesty Prize from the Berlin Film Festival.

Taking a hard look at the overwhelming uphill climb to justice and the lives and souls trampled over in the process by corruption, intimidation and murder, director and co-writer Hans-Christian Schmid's film illustrates how something as seemingly trivial as just what angle a large bus can fit in or turn at can make or break a case. And sadly that's exactly what happens in the film as the Rocky loving optimist Alen is so determined to put a war criminal behind wars that when his testimony falls apart he sacrifices himself out of grief.

Handed the case by a former colleague who received the promotion for which she was also in competition, after the evidence crumbles Hannah (Kerry Fox) assumes she's just been given it to take the loss on behalf of the Hague in the place of her now "superior" coworker.

However, a new promise for righting past wrongs is introduced when Alen's sister Mira courageously steps forward to testify against the deportation, torture and eventual murder of Bosnian-Muslims by an imprisoned former Yugoslavian Army Commander.

Revealing a level of devastation for which Hannah was unprepared with the ominous rhetorical question of “what happens to women during wartime?” against all of the preventative measures, the women band together to ensure that this man in question – one of no doubt so many others who've evaded capture-- won't go free.

Featuring another dynamic turn by acclaimed New Zealand actress Kerry Fox (most famous for An Angel At My Table) alongside up and coming promising Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Youth Without Youth) as well as consummate performer Stephen Dillane, Storm is a gripping film that transcends politics in a story about injustice and justice at any cost that richly deserved a wider audience.

Despite a forgettable title that will make you have to read the back of the box each and every time you're asked whether or not you've seen the movie, Schmid's work is one of Film Movement's best dramatic releases so far in 2010.

Additionally a standout for boasting the DVD debut of the recent Oscar winning Live Action Short Film Toyland at the 81st Academy Awards serving as the second feature contained on this crisply transferred widescreen DVD, Storm which was first released as part of Film Movement's subscription DVD-of-the-Month series is now available to non-subscribers to appreciate and explore.

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