A Film Intuition Update & Progress Report (11/13/08): A Message From Jen


Dear Readers and Colleagues,

I've been getting numerous statistical and content requests recently so I wanted to provide everyone with an update. First off, thanks for your endless support and kindness-- I greatly appreciate it and you have no idea what it means to me to have such an amazing group of readers, friends, family, colleagues, and professionals in my corner. I'm hoping to segue into print, radio, or television journalism in the future and definitely value your guidance in this regard.

Yesterday, I hit two milestones-- I published my first ever live concert review of Ben Folds which additionally became my 100th article printed on Blogcritics.Org-- one of a few websites that publishes my content. With my site nearing 20,000 unique visitors per month here on Film Intuition (especially with the redesign and new subdomains for Trailers, Videos etc.), I'm now able to update it at a faster rate with music videos, shorts, movie clips, feature films, TV episodes and more. And in doing so, I've ventured out of my comfort zone of film criticism into music, television, variety specials, literary and other articles including interviews, political pieces, and news articles and will continue to expand my topic range in the near future.

Additionally, I now offer visitors the chance to read everything on my site in more than three dozen languages, building my readership considerably and helping encourage greater global unity and understanding, which is one of the things that drew me to the humanistic medium of cinema in the first place (click here or look below for a recent global map of readers from the Review Database alone). It's been amazing to hear from readers in countries such as Sweden, Australia, Italy, Germany, England, Japan, and more who've been coming back loyally to check out the latest addition each and every week.

Having built great relationships with studio personnel, PR firms, independent filmmakers, actors, and other critics including being quoted by Roger Ebert's editor Jim Emerson, referenced in high profile blogs from The Guardian UK and GreenCine Daily, I'm able to bring you exclusive advanced coverage including: films only being released in New York (with my review of The Dukes); supporting excellent movies that haven't been released nationwide yet (Local Color, Falling for Grace, August Evening); ensuring readers know about groundbreaking works that are flying just Under the Radar (Paranoid Park, Turn the River, Married Life, The Search for John Gissing, and Frozen River); Scottsdale International Film Festival Coverage; an interview with Debra Messing; DVD reviews weeks ahead of the release date (like Tropic Thunder); and a Trailer and Photo Gallery that's filled with independent, obscure and foreign releases that go beyond the endless coverage of the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Additionally, the holiday season is right around the corner so if you're doing your shopping online to avoid the crowds or track down bargains, please visit the advertisers and affiliates who've been with me since the beginning by clicking right off my site onto Amazon.Com, iTunes, Overstock, Netflix, Film Movement, PBS, Tiger Direct, NBC, HBO, Linkshare, Comedy Central, Sirius Radio, Shutterfly, Magazines.Com and more. And in the same token, if you're interested in supporting Film Intuition, please consider making a small anonymous donation through our secure Amazon Honor System and thank you so much to those who have done so via Amazon or PayPal.

With more than 1,000 posts from reviews to in-depth articles on everything from Francois Truffaut to 1950's Westerns and more, it's been an awesome journey that wouldn't have happened without you. I'm hoping to freelance more in the future and explore additional movie hosting, film festival, researching requests, professional assignments, and grant writing duties so please keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunities as I'd be extremely interested in broadening my range and moving into the realm of paid journalism or behind-the-scenes film writing, festival, and or research work.

Likewise, please continue to visit the site, pass it along to others, add it as a favorite, alert other filmmakers to inquire about mailing out screeners and continue sending me e-mails with suggestions and comments (all of which, I do read aside from spam). While so far, Film Intuition is run by yours truly at very little financial profit (which does limit my ability to cover everything offered), my passion for writing and exposing readers to the finest in entertainment is limitless. And to this end, I hope I can strive to improve and build a greater audience in the future and above all, make the site worthy of your continued interest and support.

Thank you again.

Jen Johans