Music Reviews

Hey Everyone,

Since I recently partnered with Blogcritics, I've begun exploring other mediums. I've been a book critic before but this week marked my first ever music review. And (drumroll please), the topic was the UK band The Rumble Strips' delicious debut release Girls and Weather. If interested, feel free to check it out by clicking here.

In the future, I'll be reviewing movie soundtracks as well and posting them here but for any non-film related critiques or articles, you can keep updated either by visiting my Blogcritics Writer Page or by surfing on over to Jen's P.O.V. Page right here at Film Intuition.

Also on the P.O.V. Page this week, in honor of supporting scene stealers a la James Franco's memorably comical turn in Pineapple Express, you can check out a hilarious YouTube montage of Kevin Kline's Oscar winning role as Otto in one of my favorite 80's comedies, A Fish Called Wanda.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

- Jen