Poll Results: Kate Winslet

The Question:

What about Winslet? Which nominated performance(s) should have garnered Kate Winslet an Academy Award?

The Results:

Sense and Sensibility (48%)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (37%)
Titanic (27%)
Little Children (24%)
Iris (0%)

I couldn't agree more with the top choice of Sense and Sensibility. As Marianne Dashwood, Kate Winslet first captured our hearts with her fiery passion and sharp wit. When Willoughby gave Marianne the cold shoulder at the dance, everyone watching could feel the heartbreak which made her "happily ever after" with the gentle, older Col. Brandon (Alan Rickman) even sweeter. While the rest of her performances have been top-notch as well, it's her decision to stay with risky art and independent films she believes in that has made her one of the most fascinating actresses to watch and possibly one whose avoidance of "large scale" blockbusters (Titanic excluded, of course) has cost her a larger fan base but viewers who have been captivated by Winslet in overlooked gems like Eternal Sunshine or Little Children wouldn't have it any other way.

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