We've Moved

Hey Everyone,

In case you haven't checked the sidebar or address bar, Film Intuition has moved to a new domain. After more than a year of life on the blogosphere, Film Intuition's Google blog still remains active with nearly five hundred reviews, countless visitors and consistently high placement in the external links section of IMDb. However, in keeping with the demands of the growing site and supportive readers, this domain name was recently acquired to give the site a new home base with additional pages and more for fans to explore. Feel free to look around, offer feedback and check back often for new updates and further options for interactivity.

There's no need to change any bookmarks as you'll automatically transfer over to the new location but here are two of the updated site addresses for future reference:

Home Page: http://www.filmintuition.com/
Review Database Blog: http://reviews.filmintuition.com/

Although I've been busily building the new site, I've stayed current on the latest releases and more reviews will be posted next week.

As always, thanks for your readership and support.

Happy Holidays,