Directors: Charles and Tim Guard

In this adorable seven minute short, which recalls silent film influences such as Duck Soup and The Gold Rush, a marketing man with a clipboard fails to convince one person to stop and talk as a beautiful woman dressing a window watches the events from the inside out, as the title denotes. Nominated for the First Prize in Short Film at Montreal World Fest and winner of the Golden Centaur Award from St. Petersburg’s Message to Man Film Festival, this enchanting and flirtatious British film written by Dylan Kitson quickly evolves into a would-be romance when the man (Simon McBurney) realizes he is being watched by the window-dresser (Lena Headey) and devotes the rest of his energies not to getting responses on his clipboard but instead to making her smile as his routines get funnier and more outrageous. Shot completely on Oxford Street in Selfridges, directors Charles and Tim Guard, who worked as camera department trainees on major studio works such as Judge Dredd and 1492: Conquest of Paradise respectively, manage to impress more than most feature length works with this charming and good-natured work. Ultimately, as it wraps to a close, we realize that instead of simply a piece of amusement, it’s actually about trying to seize the day as the characters border on the cusp of a possible romantic acquaintanceship but although they never make the connection, nonetheless it’s one of the better short films available online courtesy of iTunes.

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Inside Out