News Update


Here we are at post 200-- I thought this would be a great opportunity to update you all on some of the new features of Film Intuition. If you're a regular reader and would like a way to avoid loading the front page (and 50 or so reviews) each time you visit, feel free to bookmark this individual post page as you'll still be able to access all of the archives and features.

You may have already noticed some of the new affiliates for the site such as Netflix, Overstock.Com, Movielink, Shutterfly, Sharper Image, Second Spin, etc. In addition, I've partnered with Amazon.com, which allowed me to open up my own Film Intuition Store on their site filled with personal recommendations. Check it out!

I'm also very excited about working with iTunes. So many films today are filled with wonderful soundtracks that it's a crime not to mention the actual artists and songs included in the movies. I've tried to add links to soundtracks and songs that I feel you may enjoy. You've probably seen examples of this throughout the site but here are a few specific links:

Marie Antoinette
Running With Scissors
In Good Company
Glory Road
Pieces of April

A Good Year


Again, thanks so much for reading my blog-- hopefully I'll have even more features and additions to alert you to down the road!

Happy Movie Watching!